About Us


We exist to provide the market with a set of Webbings and Strap Solutions that meet their needs, improve their lifestyle and comfort.

Exports represent 87% of our business volume and are spread across +35 countries in Europe, Africa and America. We have 4 different brands, ARTEFITA, KNOT, ARCTIC and LORICA, each with its specific market sector.

We have a 4000 square meters facility with productive capacity: warping machines, weaving machines (including Jacquards), dyeing machines, transfer printing machines (sublimation and serigraphy), cutting machines (including laser and ultrasound cutting), ultrasound sewing machines and a sewing and assembly section.

Our know-how allows us to create high-quality products to match our customer’s expectations and demands and to meet the international standard legislations and technical requirements. We also know how important it is to preserve our planet which is why we constantly try to reduce our ecological impact by redesigning our process and using cleaner raw materials.
It is paramount for us to maintain a close and lasting commercial relationship with our customers so in order to do that we always provide them with effective solutions to solve their problems and demands.