Once again, we’ve been awarded with IAPMEI’s PME LÍDER award.
“A reputation label to distinguish the merit of national SMEs with superior performance.”

Thank you all. Stay with us, we’re Weaving the Future!

Our Brands


Rigid and elastic webbings, including jacquard;

From 4mm to 150mm width and 0,5mm to 5mm thick;

Traditional fibers (PP, PES, PA) and intelligent fibers (DYNEEMA, NOMEX, KEVLAR);

Straps with waterproof, flame retardant, anti-UV, anti-static, anti-bacterial and other properties;

All this and more in a continuous process of innovation and focus on the future.

Polypropylene webbings

High tenacity polyester webbings

Elastic webbings

Technical webbings

Customised webbings

Laser Cut

READY TO LIVE – Finished and Semi-Finished Solutions

Lashing and Lifting straps

Seatbelts for baby seats

Straps for marine sports

Straps for roll containers

Car cargo handling straps

Lanyards and merchandising

Seatbelts for supermarket trolleys


Transport under Controlled Temperature Conditions

A new brand with custom-made waterproof and isothermal solutions for transport and preservation of products in special conditions.

Applications for our Products

Medical Equipment

Protective clothing

Queue barrier systems /Queue retractable stanchions

Seatbelts for baby seats

Lashing and Lifting straps

Straps for roll containers

Lanyards and merchandising


Pet collars, harnesses, leashes

Pool covers



And many others…

We Serve People and Organizations Who Are Looking For


We have experience, dedication, technical resources and the right people.


Our customer satisfaction and demands are our uttermost priority.


We are always available to efficiently help our customers fulfill their demands.


We adapt to fulfil the specific needs and requirements of our customers.


We are always innovating to provide our customers with the best solutions and to always be one step ahead.

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